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This is John our very brilliant joiner for the Silo repair work.

He has been very helpful in thinking through what has been required for us to get the woodwork right for this historic listed building.

He is looking particularly pleased with himself! The joys of working in a 4m x 4m tower.

in this photograph, as he stands  on the scaffolding, in between the joist he is trying to work out what goes where on this piece of flooring. The listed Gilkes Turbine is being supported by the orange straps, with the end result to be that the floor both above and below supports this important machine, by metal straps and wooden trimming.

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Lou is the owner of Cragend Farm with her husband Shaun, and deals with everything from Holiday Accommodation inquiries to egg collection from the chickens; she is the social media and web design finger-tapper.

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Cragend Farm has a interesting and diverse history, from technical innovations to historic buildings. Tied in closely to the neighbouring Cragside Estate home of Victorian inventor and industrialist Lord Armstrong.