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The 100 Tree Cragend Challenge

Cragend Farm’s new project for 2021 is to plant 10 Trees of 10 Varieties to commemorate 10 years of our journey to restore Cragend for future generations. 

We have invested in the trees, their plant pots, which will be their homes until they are planted out, and their species passports. The timber ‘parkland’ stakes we use are hand-made.

Please get in touch if you would like to come and plant a tree with a parkland tree-guard to protect it during its initial growth and be part of our ongoing conservation work here. Those who dedicate a tree to someone special as a birthday or anniversary gift, or in memory of a loved one, will be able to visit their chosen tree as they grow through the years. 

We are part of the ‘Plant Britain’ quest and your tree will be logged on the national website ( That is 100 trees more to add!

The trees with the guards take a couple of hours to plant, so pick a sunny day and spend a few hours joining us planting and making Coquetdale even more beautiful. It protects them from deer who find them very tasty as young saplings.

Examples of those already planted can clearly be seen from the Rothbury to Weldon Bridge road on the hillside.

Here are the species available:

Juglans nigra                            (Black Walnut)

Juglans Regia                           (Walnut)

Betula pendula                         (Silver Birch)

Castanea sativa                       (Sweet Chestnut)

Aesculus hippocastanum     (Horse Chestnut)   

Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’ (Copper Beech)

Quercus Rubra                        (Red Oak)

Quercus Rubur                        (English Oak)

Larix Leptolepis                       (Japanese Larch)              

Salix Alba Caerulea                (Cricket Bat Willow)


Contact: Shaun Renwick 01669-621533

Price to plant a ‘dedication tree’ is £180

About the author

Lou is the owner of Cragend Farm with her husband Shaun, and deals with everything from Holiday Accommodation inquiries to egg collection from the chickens; she is the social media and web design finger-tapper.

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Cragend Farm has a interesting and diverse history, from technical innovations to historic buildings. Tied in closely to the neighbouring Cragside Estate home of Victorian inventor and industrialist Lord Armstrong.